a list of things that are taking me forever: this. still wip, gonna have to finish “animating” it and then adjust it so the blobs aren’t moving all at the same time xD;;


This is why I like to live alone, why I like meeting people in real life. Online, people only see the numbers and the art, and while art is the main characteristic of my life, I’m not perceived by it in meeting someone in the flesh. In fact, I close to never talk about my art in real life, unless asked what I do for a living.
It’s easier to be seen and talked to at eye level than it is when people choose to look up to you online. A lot of creators like making friends and love talking to people, but I really like keeping to myself. I like to be in solitude with my thoughts, to figure out the world, to learn and to draw. I don’t mean to be rude by not talking to people for days, months, or even years. I just have different priorities than most people. My closest friends understand this, and they don’t hold it against me; they carry on with their lives as I do, and in this event we have so much more to talk about when we are finally together again.
Someday I will have the strength to talk to many people, but it is not that time for me yet. I have a lot of growing to do.
Also, if you haven’t read “A New Earth”, I highly recommend that you do if you are seeking consciousness and enlightenment. I’ve read it many times and always learn something new.
A Tyrannian Krawk for Krawk Day! 8D In a Krawkward pose? cough.

Hi I’m waiting for Ruby & Sapphire remake :0